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Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

June 29th

By George Wellington Worker’s Compensation is a program that is available, and usually mandatory, for most businesses. It is there to protect the business in the event that an employee is hurt on the job. If an employee is injured at work, it is up to the business to pay all the medical bills. Without […]

War between top lawyers in Greece

June 28th

Sunday, December 25, 2005  The famous Greek lawyers, Sakis Kechagioglou and George Nikolakopoulos have been imprisoned in the Athens’ jail of Korydallus, as they were found guilty of graft and corruption. As a result of this, a big scandal within the Greek legal community has been raised through the exposure of illegal actions that judges, […]

Trial for Texas lawyer accused of murder enters third day

June 28th

Wednesday, December 3, 2014  The trial of a former Texas justice of the peace, accused of killing three people in Kaufman County in early 2013, entered its third day this morning. The defendant, Eric Williams, is being tried for one of the three murders, specifically involving the death of Cynthia McClelland. Media reports indicate the […]