General Motors automobile sales plunge by 45%

General Motors automobile sales plunge by 45%

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

General Motors Corporation (GM) announced on Wednesday that it saw a 45% drop in United States vehicle sales for its cars in March.

Executives from several auto firms, however, said that there was some hope for the auto industry to stabilise, as car sales rebounded in the last week of March.

“The market is starting to show small signs of life which need to be nourished like seedlings,” said the vice president and chairman of Chrysler LLC Jim Press. “It’s too early to see a trend, but spring shows signs of hope.”

Other automobile manufacturers also saw their car sales slip: Chrysler and the Japanese Toyota both reported a 39% loss, whilst Ford Motor Company sales fell 41%.

Annualised sales of vehicles in the car industry in the US are predicted to have dipped below nine million in March, compared to February’s 9.12 million, which was the lowest number since 1981.

“Auto makers are pulling every lever in their effort to attract buyers, as evidenced by the new programs from Ford and GM. The typical incentive programs simply do not resonate in today’s economy,” Jesse Toprak, an analyst for Edmunds.

Ford shares gained 2.3% to a level of US$2.69 in early trading at US stock markets on Wednesday, while stocks for Toyota’s US depository increased 5.9% to $67. GM shares slipped 1.6% down to $1.92.

Learn French The Easy Way}

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It is easier than ever to learn basic French. There are so many options available that you might find it difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry, I have got four great tips that will help get you started. Ready? Then lets go…

You’re going to have to start by looking at your life. How much spare time to have each day and how much of that time are you willing to dedicate to French learning? It’s a great idea to start by working out a learning routine. If you’ve got half a hour free each evening, then use that time each and every night and stick to it. The sooner learning French becomes part of you everyday routine the easier it will be to learn. There are many courses available on the market that only require 15-20 minutes learning time each day, so be sure to check these out.

Don’t underestimate the amount of French you already know. You be amazed by just how much French you have picked over the years, just by watching films and TV. Why not try and build upon this existing knowledge in the simplest way possible. Watch some more French films and TV. Check out the TV guide, there is bound to be a French film or documentary on. If not you could always head to your local library. Libraries don’t just carry books, they now offer excellent audio and video sections. I bet you’ll find some DVDs that will entertain you whilst you learn.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of buck on expensive French tuition. You could start buy buying a simple phrase book. They only cost a couple of dollars but they include everything you’ll will ever need to get you started. Not only do they contain everyday words and phrases that will have you speaking and understand French in no time at all, but they will also teach you basic grammar, pronunciation and numbers. You’ll literally be amazed just how much information there is in these tiny books. They’re usually pocket sized so, you can take them with you everywhere. If you get bored, check out your book and learn another useful phrase.

Starting to learn French is easy but staying motivated to learn isn’t. Make sure you set yourself realistic goals. No one ever learned to speak French in a week! It takes time so don’t worry if you don’t pick it up straight away. I know its hard, but you must try and stick to your learning routine. Don’t give up it’ll all be worth it in the end. If you do start to loose motivation then don’t just stop. You could always approach learning in a different way join a class, get some one 2 one tuition or purchase a course. If you really feel like you want to give up then maybe you should take a trip to France. Nothing will rejuvenate you more than a holiday. Not only will your French instantly improve , but your motivation to learn will be doubled when you get back.

I hope my learn basic French ideas have helped you realise just how easy it is to learn a new language. If you stick to this simple advice, you’ll be speaking French in no time at all.

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Fast food chain McDonald’s set to open up 1000 more stores by end of year

Fast food chain McDonald’s set to open up 1000 more stores by end of year

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American fast food chain McDonald’s is set to open up 1000 more stores during 2009 as part of its expected capital spending of US$2.1 billion.

While global same-store sales rose 7.2%, revenue fell marginally, due to the strong US dollar.

McDonald’s net income fell 23% from US$1.27 billion to $985.4 million. This happened in the same quarter that they slashed operating costs by 8%. The company was hit by the rising costs of ingredients such as meat and cheese.

Chief executive Jim Skinner has said the company is to invest $2.1 billion into the opening of the new restaurants. Sales in the US rose 5% and other continents, including the Middle East and Africa, saw even higher growth.

In November 2008, McDonald’s opened up their 1000th Chinese store. The chain currently has more than 31,000 stores around the globe, and counting. The first location to open was in San Bernardino, California in 1940.

US officials accused of covering up human deaths from BSE and discouraging testing of suspected animals

US officials accused of covering up human deaths from BSE and discouraging testing of suspected animals

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Friday, July 1, 2005

Dr. Lester Friedlander, a former United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) vet, had been blowing the whistle on the USDA beef inspection practices before the latest case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was confirmed. Dr. Friedlander said that inspectors are allowed only 15 seconds of inspection and that unhygienic practices are common in the meat industry; practices such as cow carcasses with abscesses being hosed off, wrapped up and shipped to the consumer.

Friedlander also claims that some supervisors were more concerned about falsifying inspection documents than protecting consumers and that on June 9, 2005, a cow in Texas with BSE symptoms was sent straight to the rendering plant without testing.

There have also been allegations of a “don’t ask,don’t tell” approach being applied by US health officials when confronted with human deaths which may be caused by eating BSE contaminated meat. The Organic Consumers Association reported last year that hundreds of people are dying in the US each year from Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD or vCJD) (the human counterpart of BSE) and the deaths are being written off as “unexplainable”. The disease causes holes in the brains of the victims.

A New Jersey lawyer, Janet Skarbek is being called “the next Erin Brockovich” for her research into the “Cherry Hill cluster” of 12 deaths she said were caused by people eating BSE infected meat; “I’m up to 12 confirmed cases of CJD, where it says CJD on their death certificates and where they all ate at the same racetrack,” Skarbek said.

New Jersey state officials have said that the 12 deaths did not result from the human form of mad cow disease, but rather from sporadic CJD; but Skarbek says the government’s numbers don’t add up. “If you just take five of the victims from New Jersey that ate at the track most recently, two were out of 100 administrative employees and three were out of 1,000 season-pass holders. So out of that population of 1,100 people, we should see one case of CJD every 909 years.”

Mexican police official, bodyguard shot dead at restaurant

Mexican police official, bodyguard shot dead at restaurant

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gunmen today opened fire in a Mexico City restaurant, killing a top police official in charge of monitoring the country’s illegal drug trade, as well as one of his bodyguards, Mexican officials said. The attack is the latest waged against authorities attempting to fight Mexico’s powerful drug cartels.

Security officials in Mexico City say the attack occurred as Igor Labastida Calderón, commander of the federal police‘s Traffic and Contraband division, was eating lunch with one of his bodyguards, Jose Maria Ochoa. According to Minerva Amado, spokesperson for the attorney general’s office, two unknown subjects got out of a black vehicle, entered the restaurant, and opened fire on Labastida Calderón.

Reports differ on who else was injured in the attack. Amado said two other bodyguards were injured and hospitalized, while Mexico City newspaper El Universal reports that three civilians were injured.

The motive for the attack remains unclear. No arrests have been made so far, as police continue to search for the assailants. Federal police have refused to comment.

President Felipe Calderón has sent over 20,000 troops throughout Mexico in an attempt to take back areas controlled by the country’s drug cartels. Since Calderón took office in December 2006, more than 4,000 people have been killed by these drug cartels, allegedly including federal police chief Édgar Millán Gómez, whose May death was attributed to the Sinaloa Cartel.

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Parts of internet break as ‘512k day’ reached by routers

Parts of internet break as ‘512k day’ reached by routers

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

On Tuesday many internet routers, used to find the pathways to different parts of the web, reached their memory limit of 512,000 entries in the tables they use to store the routes, causing problems for many users.

A router is used to direct a user towards the area of the internet where they will find the content they are looking for, e.g. a web page. The recent problem was caused by the arbitrary memory limit built into the design of many aging routers. A limit was needed to prevent the cost of hardware from becoming prohibitively expensive in the days when physical data storage was still comparatively expensive. This small amount of memory in turn limits the number of directions which can be stored on a single router leading to different parts of the internet. When this limit was reached, it caused outages of services among Internet Service Providers. Many routers, including older ones provided by Cisco Systems Inc., are limited to storing a total of 512,000 routes or paths.

This limit was reached on Tuesday, reported to have been triggered by Verizon publishing another 15,000 paths. Those affected included eBay, LastPass, and clients of the web hosting company Liquid Web, who lost much of their services until Verizon withdrew some of these new paths. Problems nevertheless continued throughout the day, even after the withdrawal.

A longer term fix is possible, but it would require manually replacing old routers with newer, more capable ones. It is hard to tell what issues would temporarily cascade though the internet by taking down routers from part of the internet for maintenance. Many experts have warned that problems could continue until these difficult fixes have been implemented, although the recent switch to a newer form of IP Addresses, IPv6, will temporarily help the issue. Wired News reported that Andre Toonk, a network engineer, had stated that the number of network outages on the internet, typically around 1,500, yesterday peaked at 2,587, enough to become clearly noticeable.


Florida man charged with stealing Wi-Fi

Florida man charged with stealing Wi-Fi

Friday July 28th • Uncategorized Category

Update since publication

This article mentions that Wi-Fi stands for “Wireless Fidelity”, although this is disputed.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

A Florida man is being charged with 3rd degree felony for logging into a private Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Internet access point without permission. Benjamin Smith III, 41, is set for a pre-trial hearing this month in the first case of its kind in the United States.

This kind of activity occurs frequently, but often goes undetected by the owners of these wireless access points (WAPs). Unauthorized users range from casual Web browsers, to users sending e-mails, to users involved in pornography or even illegal endeavours.

According to Richard Dinon, owner of the WAP Smith allegedly broke into, Smith was using a laptop in an automobile while parked outside Dinon’s residence.

There are many steps an owner of one of these access points can take to secure them from outside users. Dinon reportedly knew how to take these steps, but had not bothered because his “neighbors are older.”


Homely Panorama}

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Quality Inn and Suites Hotel

Give away yourself into the lap of serene and green lap of Mother Nature and redefine your life only at the Clearwater City located in Pinellas County, Florida. Clearwater takes you close to the natural adventures along with various attractions, exhibits and revelries. Find a home like destination to spend the vacation in Clearwater at the famous Quality Inn and Suites Hotel which promises all comforts with a perfect location to enjoy the city fun.

Quality Inn and Suites Hotel exhibits an accommodation which is smartly designed and built for guests comforts and benefits and supplied all luxuries: complimentary breakfast, newspaper, pool outside, hot tub, fitness club, meeting spaces/ facilities, complimentary parking outside, elevator facility, banquet facilities, fax/ copy machine access, complimentary internet and professional guest service.

Embrace the tranquility and charm of the rooms at Quality Inn and Suites Hotel when you can find all facilities required here: fridge, microwave oven, coffee making facilities, iron/ iron board, hairdryer machine, phone with voicemail access, TV with cable connection, internet facility, radio alarm clock and safe in all rooms.

The local fun destinations around Quality Inn and Suites Hotel exhibits: Phillies Spring Training, Clearwater Beach and Busch Gardens.

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Replenish your busy lives with all peace, fun and energy that you need to rejuvenate yourself only at the most charming holiday destination- The Zephyrhills city in Pasco County, Florida. Zephyrhills is an adventure center of USA while it exhibits the outrageous Sky diving experiences. Quality Inn and Suites Hotel in Zephyrhills holds a great location near major city attractions and also provides all luxuries and comforts a memorable stay.

Quality Inn and Suites Hotel in Zephyrhills FL is a large building with attractive and beautiful interiors and all modern amenities available: complimentary continental breakfast, free newspaper, complimentary outside parking, elevator facility, pool outside, fitness club, banquet/ meeting spaces and facilities and a perfect guest service.

The gorgeous rooms of Quality Inn and Suites in Zephyrhills FL hold all love and fun in their soothing ambiance and supply all facilities at ease: air conditioner, heating, iron/ iron board, fridge, microwave oven, hairdryer machine, telephone and TV.

The prime location of Quality Inn and Suites in Zephyrhills FL brings you close to the various city attractions like Busch Gardens, Adventure Island and Grey Hound Track.

Ramada Hotel Clearwater Tampa

Clearwater, the finest city of Florida is well known to be a desirable visitor destination for it provides all means of adventurous and thrilling experiences and various art and design programs which are always running here. Clearwater Tampa experience can be enhanced when one chooses to stay at the famous and classic Ramada Hotel here. Ramada Hotel is located close to all area attractions and is a royal experience of comfortable vacations.

Ramada Hotel in Clearwater near Tampa has its property elevated in a large spacious area. The property exhibits all unique and inviting interiors with a full set of content amenities: complimentary continental breakfast, newspaper, complimentary parking outdoor, pool outside, Jacuzzi, meeting/ conference area and facility, rooms/ facilities for the disabled guests, 24/7 front desk service and laundry facilities.

The bewitching rooms of Ramada Hotel are tastefully designed to provide you all comforts and are well equipped with facilities of refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee making facility, iron/ iron board, hairdryer machine, radio alarm clock, TV with cable connection, complimentary internet access, phone with voicemail access and a delightful guest service.

The major area attractions located close to Ramada Hotel Clearwater Tampa are Pinellas Bike Trail, Clearwater Beach and Ice Palace.

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Dozens of cats removed from feces-ridden New Jersey house

Dozens of cats removed from feces-ridden New Jersey house

Wednesday July 26th • Uncategorized Category

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Almost 100 cats and one dog were found living in a feces- and filth-ridden New Jersey house, in what local authorities are calling among the worst cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen.

Authorities had to wear masks in order to help them breathe through the stench of urine as they removed cats from the million-dollar, two-story brick house in Chester Township.

“The conditions were absolutely horrific,” said Rick Yocum, a lieutenant with the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “There wasn’t one inch of that house that wasn’t covered in feces or urine. There were three foot piles of feces in the hallways.

Wanda Oughton, the homeowner who lives there with two adult children, is expected to face criminal and civil charges, possibly as early as this weekend.

According to media reports, the floors, couches and tables of the home were littered with waste, and garbage was crammed into microwaves and ovens. The bottom of a bathtub had an eight-inch mound of feces, authorities said.

“It was horrible to go in there,” SPCA spokesman Matt Stanton said. “Our people had to fill their nostrils with Vick’s VapoRub and wear masks. They could only go in for five minutes at a time and had to come out to get fresh air again.”

Oughton refused to leave the house during the initial investigation and declined to speak to reporters.

“Go away. Go away. We have a call in to the police,” two women yelled at reporters through the front door.

SPCA officials believe Oughton and her family to be animal hoarders, not “horrible people”, said SPCA Superintendent Frank Rizzo.

“For hoarders, the animal is the most important thing,” Rizzo said. “More important than their own health.”

Yocum said they plan to ask Oughton to undergo a mental health assessment.

About 20 cats were removed from the house Thursday and are being treated for upper respiratory problems. The remaining cats are to be taken out Friday, and will be distributed to different veterinarians so no one office is too overwhelmed.