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Submitted by: Muhamad Ikhtiaruddin Md Hussin

What is Gemcoin?

GEMCOIN – a revolutionary, legal digital currency, backed by $15B in assets! Launched in September 2014

Remember BitCoin’s amazing rise to power? GEMCOIN has some things in common, but is far stronger…

GemCoin is a currency, whilst BitCoin is a payment instrument or network. Let’s take a look at the BitCoin:

Unlike currencies, BitCoin has no sovereign protection, and its value derives from market demand at any given point. The rules are defined around computer systems

Investment in BitCoin is entirely anonymous, and most of you will be aware about recent speculation as to who is the owner/founder and who the major holders are.Payment systems with no real foundation can be pretty dangerous!

GEMCOIN is a currency based on concrete reality, backed by actual capital assets, in the form of productive gem mines across the world…

The currency has been legally recognised, and thus should not suffer the yoyo effect illustrated above. At launch, one GemCoin was worth $0.05, and two months later the value is more than 95% higher. There is zero chance of devaluation.

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Gem Coin is the only virtual currency with an intrinsic value: a perfect guarantee!

Its value is backed by parent company AFG’s gem mines, and the currency can never devaluate, as it is backed by its equivalent in precious stones. Gemcoin members and investors are already trading and distributing the GemCoin. There are 20 million members and 3000 offices and financial centres for Gemcoin at end 2014.

GemCoin will be a huge success, probably more than BitCoin. THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME!.

This might even become a sort of universal currency, that could lift all constraints, and market costs. What is more, at this point, it is tax-free, and far from checkable channels, while being fully legal. The possibilities are endless!

Gemcoin allow us to buy online to all the merchant that accept this virtual currency arroud the world.

How it works?


Transfer gemcoin to buy goods and services as easy as sending sms, all you have to do is login to your gemcoin account then put your recipient username and put amount of gemcoin unit you would like to transfer, done.

The value of gemcoin will increase overtime due to the market demand around the world. Its only take 6 month the value of gemcoin increase by 300%!

Why we should buy gemcoin?


Because its save us a lot of money from 3rd party money exchange when we travel over the world.

The value of Gemcoin increase everyday make the currency anti inflation.

Company Backgroud:

USFIA INC. is founded and owned by the US China Consultation Association, specialized in gem mining and processing, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Through e-commerce and franchising, we provide our global consumers and operators with genuine AMN amber products.

USFIA is a global company who owns several large mines in the world including amber mine, Blue Larimar mine and Rhodochrosite mine in Dominica and Argentina. We also have branch and jewelry processing center in Dominica.

Our Jewelry Design Center is located in Los Angeles; we will work with the world-class jewelry designers for our jewelry collection AMN to create stylish, upscale, classy jewelry products.

USFIA will always focus on meeting our customers needs. To our customers, AMN collections are not just high quality jewelries but also good investment.

How to start buy Gemcoin?

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