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Xbox 360 – Unwrapped


Roberto Sedycias

Xbox 360 is a fine system that has lots of powerful games. It has been around for a few years and continues to come out with excellent games and new consoles. There are three different kinds of Xbox`s available to choose from depending on what kind of gaming you will be doing.

The three types of Xbox`s that are being offered; the 360 arcade version, the Elite and the Limited Edition Elite. All three of them are differently priced with the arcade being the cheapest and the Limited Edition Elite being the most expensive. The difference between the consoles is the hard drive space available, but generally all three can do the same things.

The Arcade version is able to play music, store music and games, stream information right off of a PC, record live TV, have parental control options that can be set for kids, and is able to connect with the internet.

The Elite is able to do the same things as well as having a 120hard drive, supports 720p and 1080 in high definition and 16:9 in wide screen. It has a massive hard drive that is able to have surround sound, three core processors and has an HDMl port where the cables need to be purchased separately. The limited edition version has a 250MB of space which is the biggest of its kind. The expensive version also comes with two games.

The system comes with the console, two wireless controllers and a charger pack. It can be purchased at any gaming store, electronic store, video store and some department stores. Prices may vary but are usually kept at the same amount. There is also a warranty that comes with the system so it is important to always keep receipts.

Games that are made for the Xbox 360 tend to be geared for older kids, teens and adults. There are lots of action games and games that involve ratings such as; E for everyone ten and up, and M for mature. For kids that are older and adults this is a fine system.

With the Xbox 360 you are able to connect with friends and find out when your friends come online. You can chat with them through a wireless headset which makes playing games with them fun. It is a great way for you to stay connected with someone who may live far away. You can also download lots of HD movies and games. The system is also great at playing movies and can be a sole provider of movie playing if you don`t have a DVD player.

The graphics on an Xbox 360 are clear and crisp. Anyone who buys a system will enjoy the graphics and the HD color in the picture quality. The surround sound system means that when the volume is up, that the whole game plays around you making you feel like you`re at a real arcade.

The system has been out for years, and while initially there were some problems, the problems now have been weaned out and the system is stronger than ever. There will always be competition out there between systems but Xbox can handle its own, as its fan base continuous to expand each and every day.

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Xbox 360 – Unwrapped


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